Lansdowne Updates

June 24th Lansdowne Walkabout

Temperature 100C in the shade. Today we saw the crane going up for the parking garage below building K to the south and west of the South side stands

Foundation for building I in front of the Northside Stands.

Building G which is in front of building B. Building B in the background against the skyline which will house Whole Foods and others

Building C which is the framework for the Empire Theatre

The de-watering pumping area that will be a permanent fixture to deal with water levels on the site in this location

The roof of the parking garage that is in the process of being completed just north of the North side Stands

May 27th Lansdowne Walkabout

Roof for North side Stands being assembled on ground to be lifted in place next week

Entrance Ramp from Queen Elizabeth Drive under construction.

Empire Theatre Steel Framework going up know as Building C.

Underground parking area along Holmwood Avenue.

Images of condos to come at Lansdowne

Landsdowne Walkabout May 6th

Work on the garage roof deck and building foundations will continue in the mixed use area. Construction of the steel frame for Building "C" (the Empire Theatre) began this week. This summer, buildings "B" then "A", near Holmwood will be built, then building "K", the 20 storey condo tower near the canal, will commence.

They will be working on the large beams soon over the north stands as they prepare for the installation of the new roof.

The urban park is going out to tender in the next week or so. Lansdowne will be closed on Monday, May 20 for the Victoria Day holiday.

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GCA Approves Recommendations for Lansdowne Update to the Glebe Traffic Plan

More information can be found here...

GCA Traffic Committee April Report and two position papers: Events at Lansdowne and GCA Traffic position on Bronson ramp.

Lansdowne site visit report - 22 April 2013

Site access has been moved southward, to just north of the corner of Wilton. A set of bars designed to shake dirt from vehicles leaving the site has been installed. Depending on vehicle movement, there may be flagpersons guiding traffic at that point.

To the west of the stadium soil has been excavated to provide from the vehicle ramp into the parking garage. A deep hole has also been dug as a test site to measure water levels on the site as the canal is returned to its summer height.

The concrete structure for the south side stands is up to the level of the concourse and rising. The roof supports over the north side stands have been cut back and work is proceeding to prepare for installation of the roof.

The top of the stormwater holding tank to the east of the Aberdeen pavilion is being finished and soil will soon cover the tank. Footings have been installed for the entrance ramp into the parking garage to the east of the relocated Horticulture Building. Work on the garage structure between the cinema building and the Horticulture Building has not yet begun but garage construction westward toward Bank continues. Work for the portion of the garage toward the stadium has also progressed.

The concrete giant raft slab poured to support the condo tower at Bank and Holmwood was approximately 2400 cubic metres in size. It has been installed to support the condominium tower at the corner of Bank and Holmwood. Two more of these slab foundation structures will be installed to support the office building on Bank and the condo tower at the foot of the bridge over the canal. These are the structures that require extended hours of continuous concrete pouring.

Various measures were taken to mitigate the impact on the neighbours and the wider community during the night activity. These included enhancing the production of concrete on site to reduce trucks from off-site, timing truck movements to reduce movement during rush hours, disengaging or muffling back-up warning alerts and repositioning worksite lighting away from neighbouring properties.

This major undertaking led to the discovery of gaps in the communications network in which immediate neighbours and others are to receive electronic alerts about construction developments.

The following three photos are of the "raft slab" that will support the condo tower at Bank and Holmwood. This was poured Friday April 19th, 2013 and consisted of aproximately 2400 cubic metres of concrete.

Rumble strip at exit from Lansdowne to shake mud off trucks leaving site

New East side entrance to Northside stands

La Farge onside concrete plant.

Underground rain run off storage tank just north of relocated Horticultural Building

Entrance to underground parking from Queen Elizabeth Drive under construction

Wall for underground parking adjacent to the North side stands

New entrance to underground parking from Bank Street adjacent to the west side of the North side stands

Lansdowne Construction Traffic Management Plan

The city has released a detailed Lansdowne Construction Traffic Management Plan which describes the key phases of the construction activity anticipated at Lansdowne and the adjustments that will be put in place to accommodate, in particular, the increase in truck traffic on Bank Street as a result of the construction. Readers should note this is a 'living plan' and so this particular document dated March 2012 may not have the most accurate information.

NOTE: This is a large file and may take some time to download.

Lansdowne Walkabout - April 8

Work on the underground parking garage continues with excavation southward toward the stadium/arena largely completed. Garage work under what will become the cinema complex appears to be finished and an additional contractor will soon begin work at Lansdowne to build the cinema building. The base for the town houses along the portion of Holmwood to the north of the cinema is in place.

Work on the garage is proceeding westward from the cinema complex. Apparently the first instance of extended concrete pouring (which may go on into the night) will be the "raft base" at the Bank & Holmwood corner. This large base is to support the condo tower to rise at that location. Measures will be taken to mitigate disturbance for neighbours but the deep location of this work might also lessen impact on the community. There is apparently discussion about further mitigation measures, including sound baffling hoarding for the extensive concrete work involved in the upper storey floors of the tower buildings. The City will be installing sound measuring equipment to determine the ambient sound level when no work is undertaken and additional sound caused by extended construction activity.

Excavation for the ramps into the parking garage at both the Bank Street end (just west of the arena) and at the Queen Elizabeth end (just east of the relocated Horticulture Building) has been completed but forms and reinforcement for concrete have not yet been installed.

Major truck movement route on the site has been shifted from the north side of the stadium to pass through the location of the stadium playing field. As work on the garage structure proceeds southward toward the stadium, the current site entrance from Bank will be closed and a new entrance opened further south.

The stormwater storage tank to the south of the Aberdeen pavilion is completed and has been covered with soil. Work is proceeding on a similar storage facility to the east of the Aberdeen pavilion.

At the site tour on April 8, a new City employee was introduced who will be overseeing the development of the park portion of the site. It appears that the first part of the park to be developed will be the north section which will include the roadway in from the Queen Elizabeth Driveway and the turning circle for shuttle buses. In order to begin, the underground garage, including the ramp under the Horticulture Building, is to be completed, allowing the parking for workers to be moved into the new garage.

For the first time, we were also given a tour inside the civic centre/arena area. Removal of asbestos has been completed but the concourse around the facility has not been changed. The seats are covered and look as though they will not be replaced (in contrast to stadium seating). The area which had been park administration offices to the west of the arena is being reconfigured; this is expected to be the location for OSEG offices at the conclusion of the project.

Corner of Bank and Holmwood. Raft slabs are going to be poured in this area to support the Condo Tower to be built in this location. These are huge footings intended to distribute the weigh of the tower that will be constructed.

South side stands main concourse to right of tower crane.

South side stands second concourse being constructed.

Compaction machine which has not completed it's work on site.

Second underground holding tank for rain runoff from major rain events at the site. This water is stored and then allowed to enter the storm sewer gradually after the rain event has passed.

This will be the entrance to the underground parking from Queen Elizabeth Driveway . This entrance is under the relocated Horticultural Building.

Showing parking area under building C (the theatre) The roof will be joined with the underground parking under the Horticultural Building to the right but out of the picture.

Looking at the north side stands from the top of the parking structure where the theatre will be located.

Looking west from the top of the parking structure. Note Lord Lansdowne in the background and tower cranes 2 & 3.

Showing foundations for the townhouses that will be located behind theatre on Holmwood Avenue.

Showing excavated area at base of north side stands. This was the final area for compaction last week. Parking garage will extend into this area as well.

Showing progression of underground parking towards the North side stands. Houses on Holmwood in the background.

Lansdowne Walkabout - March 25

The excavation for the underground parking lot along the Holmwood side of the site has been completed. The parking structure under the location of the cinema building is almost finished. This will permit the contractor for the cinema building to start work soon and the shape of the building may begin to emerge in the next two weeks.

Excavation for the entrance ramp into the underground parking has begun at the Bank Street end of the property. The work for the entrance ramp at the Driveway side of the parking garage is to begin shortly. That excavation is best completed prior to the water level in the canal being raised to summer levels. Some soil compaction work may be required at that site.

Excavation and compaction is being completed on the piece of land between the current underground parking structure known as "Building C" and the Horticultural Building at the foot of O'Connor. Once this is completed, this area known as "Building D" the parking garage for this area will be completed and joined to the completed parking garage under the Horticultural Building. This will then be linked to the entrance for the parking area from the Driveway. There may be some compaction required in this area.

In about two weeks the excavation and compaction for the parking garage is to spread southward toward the north side of the stadium, and then along Bank Street. This will require the closure of the site entrance at the traffic lights and vehicles will move to access the site further south, closer to the Wilton intersection. The change will necessitate alteration in the Bank Street traffic diversion and signal personnel are expected to appear for traffic control at the new entrance location.

The stormwater holding tank south of the Aberdeen Pavilion has been completed. Once concrete there is cured, internal construction traffic will travel over the new tank. Digging for a similar holding tank east of the Aberdeen Pavilion has begun.

Work continues on the new south side stands of the stadium. Entrance gates and the concourse leading to the seats is now evident. The giant steel members for the roof on the north side stands have been cut back and the old roof has been removed to make way for a replacement roof matching that planned for the south side. The gondola (or media box), which filled the upper part of the north side stands has been removed.

The fifth tower crane at the corner of Bank and Holmwood will go up today (as I type).

The project as a whole is adhering to schedule according to the project manager.

Lansdowne Walkabout - Feb 25

Excavation for the underground parking garage is continuing apace. The Horticulture Building is on its permanent foundation and the internal bracing of the building has been removed. One storm water reservoir south of the Aberdeen pavilion has been completed. Another such reservoir is about to be constructed to the east of the Aberdeen pavilion.

The foundation for the south side stands of the stadium having been completed some weeks ago, some of the soil to make up the berm along the south of the stadium has been installed. Some of the supporting walls for the south side stands are now in place. The roof of the north side stands is to be cut back and cutting of the massive steel members supporting the roof has begun.

Soil compaction, which has shaken neighbouring homes is to begin again in two weeks´┐Ż time. Progressively this work will move south along Bank Street away from Holmwood.

The footings underneath the cinema building are in place and work is proceeding to put for the floor and the ceiling of the parking garage in that location. Once that part of the project is done, we are told that another contractor will start work on the building. Apparently the major works are to be handled by Pomerlau, retained by the City/OSEG partnership, but the commercial buildings will be constructed by firms retained by OSEG or by Minto.

Lansdowne Walkabout - Nov 26

The piles and the tie backs for the hoarding to support the walls of the excavation along Holmwood and Bank Streets is progressing well. Once complete this area will be fully excavated and compacted in preparation for the continuation of the parking garage in these areas.

The major areas of activity are: the area known as Building C the theatre, where concrete foundations and walls for the parking garage are being poured; the Horticultural Building where the new concrete foundations for the walls are almost complete and some of the steel framework used to support the building shell when it was moved is being dismantled; one of the storm holding tanks for rain on the east side of the Aberdeen Pavilion is being completed; and the South side stands where foundations and walls are being completed and back filling has begun.

There is also work being done on the existing football stadium where 14 metres of the roof are being removed to deal with projected wind and snow loads and to accommodate the new lighting for the field. A second tower crane will be going up on the Holmwood side of the development likely this week and compaction in this area is expected to begin again shortly.

Earlier Lansdowne Updates

Excavation for the parking garage on the northern portion of the site continues. To prepare for installing the foundations for the garage, soil compaction is underway. This is probably creating noticeable vibration for residents along Holmwood. However measurement of the vibration indicates that it is well under the level at which damage can be anticipated. There will be additional potential annoyance for nearby residents because pilings are to be installed along Holmwood (to secure the street while the underground parking is built). This should begin in the next few days.

There is much truck traffic as earth is removed from the site. This material is being trucked to another project by the contractor. Efforts are being made to keep the earth from soiling Bank Street. There is a rumble gate (bars over a pit) across which the trucks pass on leaving the site. This is intended to shake soil from the truck prior to entry into Bank Street. In accordance with plan, large berms have been created to the east of the stadium. In addition there is a large pile of soil which will be used to create the berm to the south of the new south side stands of the stadium.

The Horticulture Building is in its final position but is still up on girders. It is expected that the building will be lowered into place late this week.

Work is underway on the foundations for the south side stands. There are two tall tower cranes working in that part of the site. Foundations for additional tower cranes on the north side of the site are in progress.

All the seats have been removed from the north side stands and any remaining seat supports are being dismantled. The lighting mounted on the north side stands roof has been removed and work is beginning on cutting back the roof over the north side stands.

A concrete mixing plant has been installed on site and it is expected to produce its first batches late this week. Having the plant there will eliminate the need for mixer trucks to deliver concrete to the site using Bank Street. (Of course there will need to be deliveries of cement, sand and aggregate to supply the concrete plant.)

On Bank Street, northbound traffic has been limited to one lane from Wilton to Holmwood. This arrangement permits northbound left turns from Bank onto Wilton. The traffic situation is not expected to change until the New Year. At that time the restriction to one lane may be extended further south over the bridge. If so, left turns onto Wilton would be prohibited.